What do junk bonds yield today? The table below lists the yield of the Merrill Lynch junk bond index (High-Yield index), as well as the latest SEC yield on some of the top junk bond (high-yield) dedicated funds.

A note of caution when you are looking at yields on junk bond funds; Like all SEC yields, these yields are based on the last 30-days of income generated by the fund. They are not directly comparable to the yields on the Merrill Lynch junk bond indices.

Junk Bond DescriptionSymbol Yield
Merrill Lynch U.S. High-Yield Indexn.a.na9.58%
Vanguard High-Yield CorporateVWEHX5.69%7.04%
Fidelity High IncomeSPHIXna8.01%
T. Rowe Price High-YieldPRHYXna8.26%
American High-Income TrustAHITXna7.20%
Pimco High YieldPHDAXna7.15%
BlackRock High YieldBHYAXna7.29%
iShares iBoxx $ HY Corporate Bond ETFHYG6.57%8.18%
SPDR Bloomberg Barclay’s HY Bond ETFJNK6.97%6.97%

How do Junk Bond Yields Today Compare to History?

The chart below shows the historical yield of the Merrill Lynch U.S. high-yield (junk bond) index along with average and plus and minus one standard deviation lines. Today, junk bond yields are at some of the lowest levels in the last 25 years.

If you are considering junk bonds because yields are so low on government and investment-grade corporate bonds read this first.

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