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It is clear to me that heading into 2017, the U.S., if it has the will power to continue modestly cutting energy consumption, is at the doorstep of energy self-sufficiency. Such self-sufficiency will allow the United States to extricate itself from its entangling alignments in the Middle East forever. And Israel? Well …

Here, bp.com explains how the U.S. stands on the energy front.

The US kept its edge as the world’s largest producer of oil, natural gas, renewables and nuclear power in 2015.

The US is the world’s largest consumer of natural gas, with 2015 growth driven by low prices.

The US saw the largest increase in domestic oil production of any country.

Domestic energy production was sufficient to meet 91% of domestic consumption — the highest ratio since 1982.

US primary energy consumption declined for the first time since 2012, dropping by 0.9%.

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BP Energy Outlook 2035 – 2016 edition