By Alex Paul @

When you’re an intern at a start-up, you have certain responsibilities. For me, it was to go pick-up lunch when the founders ordered out. But what was cool about being the intern was that I had a seat at the table. I was privy to all their war stories. It was fun (for them) to talk about how hard it was when they were my age—broke, jobless and about to graduate from college. As they looked back it was the road not the destination. Easy for them to say.

One of the stories I liked best was when the CEO would talk about how he decided to work in Boston. He said, “I knew it was going to be hard wherever I lived, and I knew Boston from growing up on Cape Cod and I felt like it was going to be a more manageable place for me to work.”  I never forgot that having grown up near the Cape and visiting Boston as a kid.

Thanks to an introductory lunch set-up by that CEO, my first job was at Fidelity Investments.

Today, when I think about Boston I think about Fidelity and vice versa. Boston is such a walkable city and Fidelity, to this day, is run like a family business, because it is one. It’s nice when you can think back on your experiences and think, “I’m glad I did that.”

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