You don’t need to read the latest Producer Prices report to see that inflation is here. All you need to do is go for a walk around your neighborhood to see home prices, go shopping for groceries, or open the utility bills, and you see higher prices for all. Pandemic or not, prices are higher.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand what China’s attempting to accomplish with its foray into digital currencies. Tired of buying worthless Treasuries, they want a plan B. What happens when China steadily tries to replace the dollar as the reserve currency?

Both China and the U.S. government are working the digital currencies angle. You and I know that when something is free, whether it’s China’s currency or ours, the recipients are the product. In other words, you and me.

And where’s the value when something can be created out of thin air without any effort. Call me old-fashioned, but the virtue of money is simply this: a symbol of work.

Action Line: Invest in areas that will always be in demand regardless of prices, and understand you can make a lot of money compounding small numbers.

Here you can see the growth of $10,000.00 over twenty years of compound interest at rates of 3%, 4%, and 5% annual growth.

Originally posted on Your Survival Guy.