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When it comes to your living situation in retirement, there are developments (literally) that may turn your idyllic retirement community into an “anywhere in the USA” suburb. As liberal states like California, crush the middle-class, neighboring states such as Idaho, and towns west of Boise like Star, pick up the slack, explains Dan Frosch in the WSJ:

Over the past nine years, Star’s population has doubled to more than 10,000. Most of the growth has come from people like the Turnipseeds who uprooted from the West Coast to the greater Boise area—known as the Treasure Valley—drawn by the promise of less stressful and more affordable living. By 2040, Star’s population could surpass 35,000, according to city projections.

Unfortunately, uncontrolled growth like we’re seeing in Star poisons small-town communities. At the end of the day, it’s the developers who usually win.

Mayor Trevor Chadwick said the city had no legal standing to impose a strict limit on development, writes Frosch.

“I don’t want to be the first to go put a moratorium on growth, only to get sued and have to pay millions of dollars to a developer because we did them wrong,” the mayor said.

The Turnipseeds made an offer on a house 50 miles northeast in Crouch, ID—pop. 180—but didn’t get it.

What if this happens to you?

Stay flexible and understand your dream retirement community may change in ways you didn’t expect.

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