It’s going to be a cold one today, especially at the summit of Mt. Washington, home of the world’s worst weather. Here’s your forecast:

“As far as wind chill values, if we go with a milder and less gusty setup of 33F below and winds of 95 mph, summits will have values around 87F [degrees Fahrenheit] below,” meteorologist Ryan Knapp of the Mount Washington Observatory said in a statement. “If we go with a colder, windy setup of 40F below and 110 mph, summits will have values around 101F [degrees Fahrenheit] below.”

With that in mind, it’s good to see pics from your adventures in warmer climes.


Just dropping you a quick email and pictures from the Exumas. The weather, islands and water are incredible.

Thanks for your continued financial and survival guy guidance. Please also forward our thanks to Dick, who helped make this possible through all the years of investing following The Intelligence Report.

Hope you are enjoying some good skiing this year.

Have you ever seen a peacock bass? Me either. Here‘s what a client texts from his fly-fishing trip to Brazil:

Just so you know what a peacock bass looks like. I only caught 31. My buddy caught 40, but he’s 10 years younger and still cares about numbers. I’m perfectly happy with 31. By the way, I can still beat him steelhead fishing. Take care, and let’s enjoy the year-Dr. P.

Another client sends this from the free state of Florida:

Your Survival Guy greetings from New Hampshire:

Survive and Thrive,

Your Survival Guy

P.S. Walk with me down “Memory Lane” with this early advice from her Dad.

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