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If you like the idea of seeing the country with your spouse, paid leave, matching 401(k) contributions and a joint income of $100,000 per year, then you might like this story about team driving gigs. Simply put, freight companies love team drivers because they deliver loads twice as fast.

There’s a lot to like about living part-time on the road. I remember as a kid when we drove across the country in our Winnebago, how cool it was to talk to the truck drivers using our CB radio and also just listening to the chatter. It was Waze before there was Waze, and it was like a game, especially when we’d hear a tip in real time on how to avoid the construction delays up ahead.

In The Wall Street Journal, Harriet Torry explains the team driving couples phenomenon:

For Jeremy Fish, a truck driver since 1997, driving with his wife revived his interest in the job. “Being able to show her all this stuff for the first time and watching the wonderment in her face,” like trying deep-dish pizza in Chicago or clam chowder in New England, “that made it a lot better for me,” he said.

Mr. Fish’s wife, Selena, previously worked as a plumber in Las Vegas and retrained as a commercial truck driver three months after their 2016 wedding.

Initially, she found it hard to sleep in a moving truck. “All the noises and the movement, every little thing kept me awake, but now I don’t even wake up when he stops to take a rest break.”

Having “never really traveled,” Mrs. Fish described her new lifestyle as “like a paid vacation.”

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