By Malochka Mikalai @

You know what Your Survival Guy is buying right now: Beer, bullets, and Burgundy. Because each one is, among other things, a perfect sweetener to your cash. Yes, cash is king, and, with one of the three Bs above added to the mix, you’re immediately elevated to royal status. But for today, let’s talk about your cash. How much should you have on hand? 

I want you to think about your cash in three ways:  

  1. You have your emergency stash on hand that you hope to never use.  
  2. You have cash in your investment portfolio as part of your strategy. To buy stocks when others are selling, for example.  
  3. You have a pile that’s getting bigger and bigger at your bank. You know, the cash you used to use to buy CDs. Remember them? Well, that’s your sleep well at night cash, and quite frankly—it’s gotten lazy. Chances are you have too much of that cash sitting around doing nothing. 

Action Line: Put your lazy cash to work. Now is the perfect time to stop and think about how much cash you really want sleeping the day away at your bank when it should be working for you. In my conversations with you yesterday, that’s exactly what we discussed. Don’t let inertia get the better of you. If you’re serious about defeating inertia and thriving, click here to sign up for my free monthly Survive & Thrive newsletter. I’ll help you defeat inertia and achieve your goals. But only if you’re serious.  

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