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Growing up must-see TV was Thursday nights with The Cosby Show.

Next Thursday’s must-see TV will be the Joe Biden show as the Democrats will debate for three hours.

“Biden will be on stage, taking incoming missiles for 180 minutes from nine rivals, each of whom is hungry for the Democratic nomination and has a huge investment in seeing him stumble and fall,” writes Pat Buchanan at TAC.

It’s hard not to feel bad for Sleepy Joe. And to see the truth in what PB writes.

Because it may be a long night for Joe.

“If he stumbles that night, misremembers or misspeaks repeatedly in the three hours,” writes Buchanan “the apprehension about his nomination, already widespread among the party elite, could turn into panic.”

Sound the war drums. Because if it’s Pocahontas or The Bern who wins the night, you can bet the fight is on for the soul of America. Ready?

Which brings me to you.

Are you who I’m writing for?

Well, I can tell you it’s a pretty focused list.

For one, you can eliminate those who haven’t saved a dime and don’t have two nickels to rub together.

Because there is virtue in saving money—it means you’ve sacrificed. By saving you made a proactive choice to forgo doing something else with your money.

The group of Americans looking for free money is depressingly large.

My focus is on small business owners or those successful in their career path who have a plan, or already have enough money saved, to retire comfortably.

I’m not just talking about the Rich Man.

There is an army of successful workers employed by small businesses and many more who are entrepreneurs within large ones. These are the successful people I root for.

And I believe 100% in the F.I.R.E. lifestyle.

There’s no harm in not working for the man, not getting Midas rich, and yet simply living below your means so you’ll feel like Midas.

To me, that’s what living well means.

Take a look at the energy at Trump rallies.

When you talk about brands, Trump is up there with the all-time best, which to me would undoubtedly include Harley.

The Trump brand of Republicanism is not going away.


If you drive 1,000 miles in your Ford Focus from your home in Connecticut to Indiana to see a Trump campaign rally, despite having to lay in bed that night with twitching in your driving leg wondering if there was an animal under the mattress, then you, like Libby DePiero, explains the WSJ, understand that.

Which means Republicans who dream of being U.S. senators or members of the House better hurry up and realize who make up the heart and soul of America.

It’s about: Family first, good jobs, fewer wars, and Keeping America Great so our kids and grandkids can know what fun it can be looking forward to being together for a Thursday must-see TV show.

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