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As I wrote to you yesterday, “How much Artificial Intelligence do you want in your portfolio? Your Survival Guy doesn’t want it anywhere near mine. But AI is already in the sports pages with a recent Ohio high school football recap written with the heart of a Tin Man. How much longer until we have ivory tower dwellers and woke politicians writing the rules for investments? What could possibly go wrong?” Here’s some more I’ve come up with.

AI, I’m on a fixed income. Can you help?

AI, I want a conservative mix of stocks.

AI, I want a portfolio that is oriented to Main Street America.

AI, I want a portfolio that will align with my family first principles.

AI, variable annuities are rat food.

AI, the dollar ain’t worth a dime.

AI, avoid Your Survival Guy’s Investing Mistakes. Here’s the list.

Action Line: As I’ve told you before, investing is more art than science. Don’t be fooled.

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